These are the Best Gas Credit Cards for Rideshare Drivers

gas credit cards for uber drivers

Gasoline accounts for a large chunk of your everyday expenses as a rideshare driver. If you are not careful it can start to kill your bottom line. That is why many drivers have turned to their trusty gas credit card to help them cut some costly corners.

The savvy rideshare driver who is comfortable with using a credit card has many options available. Even if you are not cool with using one, you still have multiple options. Each card on this list can reward you for purchasing gas with their card.

Why using a gas credit card is a no-brainer…

Now, I get it. There are a lot of drivers who may not want to risk going into debt just to fill their tanks — I used to be one. However, with even a modicum of business chops, you can reap the daily rewards of driving rideshare fueled by a gas credit card. Of course, you must be consistent and on time with your payments on the credit card for this strategy to work.

If you have no qualms with charging your gas every day and paying on time, you could also be dramatically increasing your credit score. An increased credit score should be an obvious reward, especially to drivers who will most likely need a decent score to grab a new ride when yours goes to car heaven. But, if you are still shy, keep reading and we will illuminate why not having a gas card is hurting you instead of helping you.

You have many options…

Not only are many of the credit card offers worthy of your consideration, but they could also help you to save, allowing you to stretch how much money you make as an Uber driver. Apart from maximizing your earnings from airport runs and having a tip jar in your car, using a gas credit card could make your daily drive out worth it.

gas credit cards

There are an entire host of pseudo-credit-cards that link to your existing bank account and act as a credit card, while also granting you rewards. So, if you are not 100% sure you can handle a credit card, we’ve got you covered.


Top Gas Credit Cards with Rewards for Covering Rideshare Gas Costs

The Uber Visa Debit Card

Now, this might seem like a cop-out, however, you cannot turn your nose up to a 15% cashback option on any card. For all of Uber’s failures, the Uber Visa Debit Card offers the greatest savings when it comes to buying gas. While the standard driver only gets 3% back, the Uber Pro Platinum driver can earn up to 16.5% back on gas purchases. That is a crazy number.

Uber Visa Debit Card

This card is a debit card that functions far better than any other credit card on this list. The one caveat lies in the exclusivity contract between Uber and Exxon/Mobil. If you purchase gas from either an Exxon or a Mobil pump, you will receive a slight uptick in savings versus going to other off-branded stations.

The Discover it Cash Back

This is a traditional credit card that you can get from Discover. It offers you a pretty hefty 5% cashback option. Even though this percentage pales in comparison to the Uber Visa Debit Card, it is actually one of the higher-end reward cards. One of its best benefits is that there are no limitations on which gas stations you could use the card. You can go to any pump and be guaranteed a 5% cashback reward for purchasing fuel with Discover it  Cashback card.

The US Bank Business EDGE cash card

There are many cards that rate higher than the US Bank Business Edge cash card, especially on rideshare websites. However, I like to stick to simple. Many cards will offer you a slight 2% cashback on gas while offering you tricky sign-up bonuses that require you to spend more. This is a gimmick and I do not recommend any of these cards to rideshare drivers. Particularly since we are only talking about using a credit card for gas purchases. This card, however, offers a stellar 3% cashback on all gas purchases. That kicks the standard 2% packing.

The Drive Savvy Rewards Credit Card

This card is a bit different than the cards mentioned above. Instead of offering you a flat percentage on gas purchases, Drive Savvy Rewards credit card offers you a sliding scale. For instance, during your first 30 days with this gas credit card, you can save up to 50 cents per gallon.

The only hitch is you need to purchase at least forty-five gallons in the thirty day period. That is an incredibly easy mark to hit if you are a rideshare driver. After that period, the savings dip down to 10 cents per gallon until you hit ninety days. After ninety days, it descends to 5 cents per gallon thereon. While the initial savings are incredible, the back end of the card leaves a bit to be desired.

The GasBuddy Credit Card

This is another strange entry into the category. The GasBuddy Credit Card allows you to gain cashback rewards that you can spend on everyday items. It functions simply, when you buy gas you accumulate cashback points that convert to dollars. You can then use those dollars to browse, select retailers for items. The selection has taken a turn for the worse in recent months. However, I have gotten a few great deals from filling up with the GasBuddy card. From time to time Uber even offers reward points for giving rides with GasBuddy. These points accumulate in the same fashion, allowing you to redeem those points on the Shop Your Way App.

What if I have bad credit?

There is no reason to be ashamed. I’ve been there myself. Sometimes our financial situation isn’t the best. Don’t despair. These days, drivers with less than stellar credit won’t have to worry so much when applying for a gas credit card or even getting a new ride for rideshare. I recommend the Capital One Quicksilver Card, which offers a flat 1.5% cashback on all purchases. This card does not require a killer credit score to obtain. There are even secured cards that could help you get back into the credit game. I recommend the Capital One Platinum if you are really in credit purgatory.

A gas credit card is one of the things you need when driving for Uber or Lyft. Choosing the best one that suits your needs is essential if you want to treat your rideshare as a business. With the right card, you’d be able to maximize your gas money and even enjoy rewards that could further reduce your operating cost. Don’t just depend on how much rewards or cashback you could get. It’s also wise to consider interest rates and look into customer reviews or feedback.


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