Best Gas Apps for Uber Drivers: Finding Cheap Gas Near You

gas apps to find cheap gas near me

There is no question that saving money on gasoline is one of the vital components of a successful rideshare driver’s toolkit. Luckily, we no longer have to drive miles upon miles to find a killer price. We have apps for that! What we have compiled below are some of the best gas apps and tips to help you find cheap gas near you and save money on gasoline.

Why Monitoring Your Gasoline Consumption Is Vital to Rideshare Success?

The cost of filling up can make or break your bottom line, particularly if you drive full-time. But even if you only drive part-time, wouldn’t it be better if you could save a little?

If you use apps to help you with your rideshare business, you’re one step closer to increasing your daily and weekly takehome with Uber or Lyft. Lucky for you, we found the best gas apps to help you!

1. Gas Buddy

This one is the grand poobah of gas apps, not only for rideshare drivers. I use this app and the accompanying gas card every day to fill up my tank. Why? Well, Gas Buddy has multiple key features that help me keep gas costs down.

gas buddy gas app

It provides real-time crowd-sourced data on gasoline prices in your vicinity, and when you go to the pump to fill up, you save! Killer option, right? Not only do you save, but Gas Buddy then gives you cash-back rewards to use on items through another app called Shop Your Way (it’s not much of a bonus, but I’ve received a couple of decent items).

Gas Buddy also tracks your mileage and drives, reporting back on your gas efficiency. This is incredibly helpful in regards to correcting bad driving behavior that leads to heavy gas usage.

OS Availability

Gas Buddy is Available for both Android and Apple on the Google Play and Apple App stores, respectively.


Customer Rating and Reviews

Gas Buddy maintains a 4.4-star rating on Google Play and a 4.7-star rating on the Apple App Store

What We Like About It

Gas Buddy offers multiple ways to save money on your gasoline costs.

One, you save money by helping you find cheap gas near you. Two, you save money at the pump. Three, you get a cash-back reward bonus. Four, Gas Buddy tracks your drives and shows you how to save on gas by driving more effectively and efficiently.

Gas Buddy states that the average driver will save around $350 per year. Who wouldn’t want that?

What We Don’t Like About It

There isn’t much to gripe about with Gas Buddy. Sometimes, gas prices can be inaccurate due to real-time numbers. Other than the quite annoying push notifications or icons on your phone, or the one day delay for the credit to hit your bank account after filling up, Gas Buddy is very well-rounded and one of the best gas apps around.


This is the best part; it is all free!

2. Gas Guru

Much likes Gas Buddy, Gas Guru lets users monitor gasoline prices in their surrounding areas.

Gas Guru gas app

Unlike Gas Buddy, however, Gas Guru sources its figures from the Oil Price Information Service. This gives you the most accurate information. Also, they also allow you to save or favorite a station you like to frequent.

OS Availability

Gas Guru is Available for both Android and Apple on the Google Play and Apple App stores, respectively.

Customer Rating and Reviews

Gas Guru maintains a 3.5-star rating on Google Play and a 3.4-star rating on the Apple App Store

What We Like About It

Favoriting and easily locating your favorite gas stations with killer prices is a significant attractor on this app. Accurate information on gas prices is also a cool bonus!

What We Don’t Like About It

All in all, Gas Guru is just not as versatile as Gas Buddy. It doesn’t have a gas card option as well as cash back or rewards for using the app.



3. Dash

This app is altogether a different beast. Dash helps you correct improper and inefficient driving habits. How?

Dash was designed to help drivers understand how their engine works and how to make their drives more efficient.

Dash plugs into your car and gives you real data to help you make better driving decisions.

OS Availability

Dash is not available on mobile apps. However, it does have a full dashboard online that gives you comprehensive driving data.

What We Like About It

Dash is a very analytical tool that can give you great insight into your driving game. It might seem over the top, but smart rideshare drivers find an edge wherever they can.

What We Don’t Like About It

You have to purchase an OBD device through Dash to install in your car to use Dash. While they do have a free option for the device, you have to pay monthly to access the data.

Ultimately, Dash is primarily for gear heads and data mavens who really get into the numbers of driving.


Dash costs range from $15 a month to fully customizable packages for fleets.

Other Ways to Save on Gas

The secret to being a successful Uber driver is to learn to minimize costs so you can make the most of your earnings.

To save on gas, get a gas rewards credit card. I am a huge proponent of building credit in a savvy way. Gas rewards credit cards can be useful, but they aren’t for everyone. I also recommend keeping a detailed gas and trip log so you can monitor your consumption habits. Many also recommend that rideshare drivers take a driving course from time to time to eradicate bad habits that not only cost you at the pump but potentially on insurance bills.



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