14 Apps You Should Consider Having on Your Phone as an Uber and Lyft Driver

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As a rideshare driver, you need every advantage you can get to keep one step ahead and maximize your earnings. Having the right Lyft and Uber driver apps on your phone helps make ridesharing easier — and even entertaining. Fortunately, you have many options to choose from. Some are free, but a few have fees associated. Take time to choose the best apps that meet your needs.

To get you started, I recommend checking out the following options for your own list of Lyft or Uber driver apps.


Having tried the built-in navigational apps and Google maps, I always return to WAZE. I like it as it gives options on the route to take— avoiding toll roads for instance— and provide real-time traffic conditions.

Drivers share situations and information they encounter on the road and these details are shown on the app. If you encounter something on the road, such as slowing traffic or a police officer, you can tag it so other drivers get a heads up on the scenario.

While Waze is a free Uber driver app, it has pop-up adverts for restaurants and such along your route. But, these adverts are passive and typically only appear when the vehicle is at a stop.


If you drive more than one platform at a time, you know how confusing it can get! You may get two pings at once and canceling one in a timely fashion isn’t always possible.

Mystro can queue rides up for you to keep you moving— and making money. There are two downsides, however: (1) it is only available for Android. (2) there is an annual charge of $100.00.


Mystro claims the app can generate up to a 30% increase in revenue for you. I find it particularly useful in traditionally slower times of the day, essentially doubling my chances of catching a ride.


MileIQ App for Uber Drivers

Any driver who has had to survive tax day can appreciate the importance of keeping accurate and easily accessible records. Mileage is on top of that list.

MileIQ has been around for several years and is currently owned by Microsoft. I’ve used the older version of the app previously. The new and improved version allows the app to run quietly in the background, tracking the miles and location automatically. You don’t have to stop and start the app to record the distance.

MileIQ does all of the mileage, date, and time tracking automatically when you start a journey. So, you simply start the app at the beginning of a shift and end it when you finish. You also won’t have to worry about breaking any tax laws as the app follows the tax laws in the state that you drive.

The downside of MileIQ is that you could only use it for free if you do less than forty trips. After that, it costs $59.99 annually or $5.99 monthly. Keep in mind, however, that you could easily tag those charges as a tax write off.


As all drivers are painfully aware— gas prices have surged upward in recent months. Unfortunately, prices can vary dramatically depending on your location. Freeway-friendly stations often have the highest rates.

Gas Buddy is one of the most convenient Lyft and Uber driver apps to have as it finds the lowest gas prices for you. In addition, you will save a few cents per gallon when you pay with it. Doesn’t sound like much? Over the year, those cents could easily add up, saving you a few dollars. This is great particularly if you are a full-time driver.

After signing up, which is completely free, a Pay with GasBuddy card will be promptly mailed to you . These cards resemble regular credit or debit cards but lack built-in EMV. Before using your snazzy, new card, you’ll also need to generate a unique Driver ID number, which will function as your PIN number.

Once your card arrives and is activated it works straight away! You can insert your card at the pump at any station. You instantly save 10¢ per gallon on your first fill-up and 5¢ per gallon from then on.


There are a few things worse than a stress-induced ride to the airport with agitated passengers running to catch a flight. Knowing it is delayed for twenty minutes or so, however, can take the pressure off a bit and will impress your rider by your service. That is never a bad thing!

Flightstats provide all the flight information you need. It’s a great way to learn when airports are at their busiest. It is also helpful if you have an assigned pickup— or are taking someone— to the airport. You’ll see whether the flight is on schedule or is delayed, making it convenient to plan your trip or route based on the information.

Any driver who lives near airports or is regularly getting trips to and fro should consider having this app. It helps make your airport trips run more smoothly.


Every driver knows that surge rides are the best way to catch a unicorn. You know those 45-minute rides at 6.6X? Well, unicorns are hard to catch but any surge ride is better than no surge ride, right?

With Surge for Uber, you can set pins on the app that notify you when they are surging. If they are nearby, you can head that way. You’ll never have to chase a surge again!

Another advantage is that during a ride with a passenger, it will notify you of any surges. The biggest plus, however, is that it tracks important data, such as the history of the surges, times, size, duration, etc. Knowing that a surge will probably last till 1 AM might be the deciding factor whether to continue driving on that shift or not. By understanding the patterns, the app reveals, you can maximize your earnings


This app is definitely one of my must-have Uber driver apps.

First, I feel it is important to take Uber rides once in a while to see what other drivers do differently and how you can up your game. Second, you can play around with it to see where drivers are bunching- and more significant where drivers aren’t. You might be aware of an event that other drivers are not and discover a lack of Uber drivers there.


I love Spotify! On every ride over 15 minutes, I simply ask my passengers before we set off if they have a preference in music. It seems half of the passengers are indifferent, yet others can be passionate about their music choice. For a minimal fee, you can create your own song playlist that you feel many would appreciate.


When the weather is bad, fewer people care to drive— particularly if they are intent on having a cocktail or two. When there are fewer drivers on the road and freeways what happens? Surge pricing, that is what!

A weather app is a useful app to have on your phone when you’re doing rideshare. When a storm starts, you could head to your favorite hotspots to cash in. Accuweather is free, easy to download, has relatively few pop-up ads, and doesn’t want a ton of pesky permissions before you can use it. Plus, it also gives you notifications when road conditions become especially bad. A snowstorm or impending tornado perhaps? Accuweather helps you decide whether it’s safe for you and your vehicle to be out on the road in certain situations.


Do you have a supply of umbrellas, snacks or other items that you sell to your passengers? Have you been told by a rider they want to tip you but not on the app? For whatever reason you need to take a credit card, Square is by far the simplest. It comes with a reader you connect to – your phone— and is completely free. Of course, they take a fee- a scant 3%. But it is a nifty tool to add to your money-making operation.

11. HONK

If you are like me, you often lock your keys inside your vehicle, ran out of gas, have a flat battery, or experience another annoying setback when you’re on a shift. Well, HONK is here to save your day!

For just $50 a call, they’ll immediately send somebody out to you. This is great if you don’t have an annual subscription to roadside service. You could also use the service for other things, such as getting yourself locked out of your home. You just need to present an ID to prove you live there.


QuickBooks is another Uber driver app you should absolutely consider getting. It records your mileage and expenses to be atop the tax liability you have. Quickbooks is the most popular app for tracking these details and at a business year-end, you can synch it with TurboTax to simplify your tax filing process.

The subscription is only $10 a month, which is a write off (as are all paid for apps). Staying on top of your expenses is key. The last thing you want as tax day looms is to have zero records and crunch up numbers from memory. You wouldn’t want IRS to think you’re cheating on your taxes, would you?


This is a fun app! SherpaShare does several features of other popular apps- tracking mileage and expenses and such. But in addition, it has ping maximizing tools, including a surge chaser that anticipates where surges will be. It also allows you to communicate with other online drivers using the app through Slack,- a popular messaging for businesses. It’s an amazing Uber driver app to have as you can share driving tips and bond with fellow drivers. You could try it out for free for a month. Afterward, a subscription is at $5.99 a month.


Triplog is another mileage tracking app. The good news is that it’s absolutely free! Tracking miles are an essential part of our gig so I’d say this is an essential Uber driver app. While you can track your mileage with pen and paper after each ride, using an app— and a free one at that— is the smart way to go.


You’ll find many apps that offer the same things like the ones I’ve discussed in this post. Many come with a free trial. The best way to approach this is to try two or three apps to discover which you are most comfortable with. Also, not all Lyft and Uber driver apps are offered in Android, just as not all apps are available in iOS. But, again, you’ll many apps offered in both platforms. Stay safe out there and make that cash with the help of these Lyft and Uber driver apps.


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